Santa Clara Valley Council
Navy League of the United States
"Citizens in Support of the Sea Services"
Welcome to the NLUS Santa Clara Valley Council!

Where We Meet:

Our regular meetings occur on a quarterly basis.  Please contact one of the executive officers to verify the date and time of the next scheduled meeting.  The meeting location is:
Holder's Country Inn
1424 Saratoga Avenue, San Jose
Map & Directions (Google Maps)

Welcome aboard time:     6:00 pm.

Our Adopted Units:

Our Council has several "adopted" units to which we pledge our continued support.
  • US Navy Reserve Center - San Jose
  • US Coast Guard Air Station - San Francisco
  • USCGC Stratton (WMSL-752)
  • MCJROTC - Del Mar High School
  • MCJROTC - Mount Pleasant High School
  • NJROTC - Milpitas High School
  • NSCC - Enterprise Division
  • NSCC - Training Ship Orion
  • NSCC - Training Ship Ellexson
  • NSCC - Moffett Squadron

USCGC Stratton WMSL 752
USCGC Stratton WMSL 752

We offer continuing support for area JROTC and Sea Cadet units.

Our Council leadership participates in area military events such as Fleet Week San Francisco, the Battle of Midway Celebration - San Francisco, and Vertical Challenge.

Most of all, we offer our support to those in the Bay Area that serve, no matter the branch of service.
Contact Us:

Santa Clara Valley Council, NLUS
Post Office Box 48
Moffett Federal Airfield, CA  94035-0048
Telephone: (408) 540-4290

President: Ted Althausen
Vice President: Douglas Davis
Treasurer: Douglas Davis
Vice President - Operations: John Fisher

Who We Are:

  • We of the Navy League of the United States stand for a strong America - a nation morally, economically, and internally strong.

  • We believe that the security of our nation and of the people of the world demands a well-balanced, integrated, mobile American defense team, of which a strong Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine are indispensable parts.

  • We support all Maritime Services to the end that each may make its appropriate contribution to the national security.

  • We know that in a free nation an informed public is indispensable to national security and, therefore, we will strive to keep the nation alert to the dangers which threaten - both from without and within.

  • We favor appropriations for each of the Maritime Services, adequate for national security, economically administered.

  • We oppose any usurpation of the Congress's constitutional authority over the Maritime Services.

  • We urge that our country maintain world leadership in scientific research and development.

  • We support industrial preparedness, planning, production.

  • We support efforts of our government to achieve worldwide peace through international cooperation.

  • We advocate a foreign policy which if possible, will avoid wars - if unable, win them!

Our Council of Navy League of the United States is a 501(c)(3) organization of over 150 members.  Worldwide, Navy League is over 35 thousand members strong.

We are nonpartisan.  We are dedicated to enhancing the public understanding of the missions and challenges facing today's Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and US Flag Merchant Marine, as well as advocating for the well-being of the men and women of each service and their families, and Navy League youth programs.

Visit Our Headquarters At

US Coast Guard Air Station, San Francisco

"Since the early days of the republic, Americans have relied on a strong Navy and Marine Corps team to defend them against their enemies. Nothing can play so decisive a role as well-trained, highly motivated Sailors and Marines who believe in their mission."

- The Honorable Donald C. Winter, Former Secretary of the Navy

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